Laughter Yoga in the Bay of Plenty

Join the Laughter in Tauranga - Laughter Yoga is a simple yet powerful form of exercise which combines laughter exercises with yogic breathing (no prior yogic skills required, no extreme physical flexibility required!).


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Laughter Yoga 2010

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Tauranga Laughter Club interviewed for the BoP Times, 2010  by DaveBlanshard

It hasbeen claimed 'laughter is the best medicine'! While it will not immediately cure a broken limb, a good laugh can often help dispel a dose of the blues.  Now a new local group has been formed to help make use of the therapeutic benefits of controlled laughter.


The Laughter Yoga Club, which follows the teachings of Indian Dr Madan Kataria,is holding weekly sessions in Tauranga and Mt Maunganui. Dr Kataria established Laughter Yoga in 1995 as a non-profit, non-political, non-ideological movement whose goal is world peace through laughter

"Medical research has shown that laughter is good for both mental and physical wellbeing," says Tauranga laughter leader Andria Goodliffe.  "However, Laughter Yoga as a formal activity is relatively new with guidelines only set down by Dr Kataria in 1995, after he reviewed considerable medical research which established the physical and mental benefits of sustained laughter."  The activity is not about uncontrolled giggling. Nor does it see a room full of people uproariously rolling about clutching their sides, or tickling each other.

"There are a variety of Laughter Yoga exercises that can provoke laughter without resorting to jokes and humour," says Andria. "There are even techniques for laughing silently to oneself if people prefer. The objective is to leave participants feeling better. Everybody can benefit from laughing more, especially anyone feeling the adverse effects of stress"

 The Laughter Yoga exercises were inspired by studies which found that where children laugh frequently and spontaneously most people become more reserved as they reach adulthood.

Laughter Yoga sessions generally last for about 40 minutes, including preliminary exercises leading up to include five to 10 minutes' continuous laughter.  Participants do not need to assume complex postures.


"While those with previous yoga experience can adopt specific positions if they choose, it is perfectly acceptable to sit on a chair," says Andria.  Though still comparatively new to this country, Laughter Yoga has already developed a strong following in Auckland and Christchurch, with about 15 groups in existence, there are approx 10,000 social laughter clubs around the world.  "But I believe we are the first to be set up here in the Bay of Plenty," she says.  

Information contact Andria Ph 5702445, or check out


MHAW 2011

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Tauranga Laughter Club celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week 2011. 


Club of the Week, July 2011

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A challenge - howl with laughter today

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This 'challenge' is not actually Laughter Yoga, but was just too good to miss!

... if you enjoy that challenge, get along to a local LY session & laugh some more!

Laughter to support the Christchurch fund

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Tauranga Laughter Club held an open-air session to fundraise for the Red Cross Christchurch Earthquake Relief fund, raising more than $100.  Not bad for a work-day in Tauranga.

TVCentral interview!

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On Wednesday I was interviewed by Katrina McKinlay for TVCentral about Laughter Yoga in Tauranga.  We even managed a good laughing group shot!

The interview will be aired on  TVCentral next Thursday  (16/9/10) at 7.30pmand 10.30pm and then on Friday (17/9/10) at 12.30pm.

I am very aware that LY can't cure everything & feel especially strongly about all the people affected by events in the South Island recently - my thoughts are with you all.

Maori Language wek

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This week is Maori Language week and it was fascinating to learn that one translation of 'Laughter Yoga' into Maori is "Ho katakata".  It would be fascinating to know of more!

Small beginnings

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Laughter Yoga certification with Hannah was a splendid experience.  The Bay of Plenty now has a small group of certified Laughter Yoga session leaders!

The journey begins this weekend

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This weekend the Laughter yoga journey starts - hopefully it will be a side-splitting journey.